daisy mart

Daisy Mart

Store Program

If you are an independent store owner competing against other independents and large chains up and down the street, you need a strong brand and a strong program of your own. The Daisy Mart Store Program will be a difference maker for you.

How We Can Help You?

All Daisy Mart program members are able to benefit from

  • Ontario Brand Awareness
  • Business Support
  • Proven 15% - 20% Sales Increase after program implementation.
  • Centralized Purchasing Power
  • Established Vendor Partners
  • Dedicated Franchise Area Rep assigned exclusively to you.

Location Assessment & Expertise

If it’s your first new store or an existing store, we have the crew and the expertise to get you up and running. For first timers we’ll look at the site and give you a clear assessment of the potential; for existing sites we’ll show you how to do it right and increase your volume. You’ll get instant brand recognition with the bright red Daisy Mart store front sign. We’ll install it for you.


We’ll share our proprietary merchandising programs, provide category planograms and prepare store layout design. Do you know the top three items in every category? We do, and we’ll tell you.

You’ll also enjoy the benefits of our proprietary milk program!


We will provide you with our exclusive monthly promotional programs and sign kits. Deep discounts and healthy margins on promotional items generate volume increases — this means more money on your bottom line and more customers in your front door!

Vendor Partners

Central buying power and established vendor relations will help you get great product costs, more frequent promotional activity on a wider range of products, and preferred customer service. You will also earn valuable rebates!

Dedicated Franchise Area Rep

We’ll assign a store expert to you. This is a seasoned professional who will share industry knowledge, give you clear direction and guide you every step of the way. They’ve all been there, seen it before and know what to do — all you have to do is listen!